We’re Getting the Word out About Our Campaign

Politics has always been very important to me for as long as I can remember. Even as I child I was interested in learning about it thanks to listening to my parents discuss many different types of political things at the dinner table on many nights. So, I decided recently to volunteer for someone running for mayor in our own. I believe in everything she stands for and wanted to help out. The first take she gave me to do was to find stickers in Brisbane that could be used for campaigning.

We had a big meeting a few weeks ago to discuss some of the things we need to order right away. We want bumper stickers, stickers that we can hand out for people to wear on their shirts and vinyl car stickers. It was made very clear to me that I need to make sure that we get them on time because every minute counts with this campaign. Separately, I needed to make sure that I found the most inexpensive products I could find that are still fantastic quality. Everything we purchase comes thanks to campaign donations, which are both limited and also need to be respected because of the fact that they are donations. While ordering these things is something I would typically do in just a couple of hours, I wanted to make sure that I really thought out this purchase by taking my time.

I went home over the weekend and looked at the website for every company in town who offers stickers. By the following Monday morning, I had picked out three companies. I spoke with representatives at each of them to discuss what we needed. I explained that there could be no mistakes because of the fact that we have limited funds. After receiving price quotes, I made the order and received everything yesterday. The quality is fantastic, and we are sure to get noticed with the great quality and bright colors that we requested.