They Found a Plan That Works for Mom

One of the ways I saved my elderly mother money was looking into PA electric rates. When Dad passed away last year from a heart attack, Mom had an almost immediate money crisis. They had been making ends meet because he was still consulting part time for a few companies, but that all ended with his death. While she had savings and social security, it was going to be very tight unless something happened with her budget. That is when I stepped in to help. Mom has never been good with money and she needed help to stay in her home.

I offered to let her move in with my family, but she was adamant that she needed her independence. So I looked at her budget with an eye to cutting costs. For example I got her a smart television with some streaming options so we could get rid of her over sized cable bill. But we really saved a lot by getting rid of her old power company, a company who was charging her an arm and a leg on a monthly basis along with frequent and large increases in her cost per kilowatt, and looking online to find a new energy supplier.

My wife and I did the same thing about a year ago and couldn’t believe how much we saved, so I knew I could put a lot of money back in Mom’s wallet by finding a new supplier. The site we used was very helpful in the process. We talked to a person who asked a lot of questions and then proceeded to do the leg work to set up a plan for my mother. A month went by and I got an excited call from my mother, who gushed about how much she’s now saving on her electric bill!