Seeing Our Apartment for the First Time Was Memorable for Me

My wife called me on the phone and told me to drive over to Outlook Canyon to see an apartment she was looking at. I was working my route making deliveries, and her voice kept cutting out on the phone as I was in the one area where cell signal gets a bit spotty. I asked her where in the world that place was at and she seemed puzzled. She told me I make deliveries over there every week. I thought for a second and then realized she was attempting to say “Lookout Canyon.”

I guess she was excited as she got the Overlook Parkway where Lookout Canyon is at mixed in there to come up with the confused term of “Outlook Canyon.” Anyway, I figured out what she meant and heard her say, “Regency,” so I knew where she was at. I knew it was a nice place, and I thought it would be outside of our budget for an apartment, but she wanted me to see it. I had a couple of deliveries over that way, and it was approaching my lunch hour, so I drove right over to meet her. She could not wait to get me up to see an apartment. The management gave her the key and told her to take me up when I got there.

I went in and the place was really nice. I noticed the black appliances in the kitchen right away. The thing she wanted to show me was the fireplace. I sat on the floor in front of it with her and was already imagining being able to sit there with her and our two pups and enjoy our fireplace, but I had to ask her about the pet policy. She said The Regency Apartments do not have a weight limit on pets, just breed restrictions. Our dogs are big, but they are friendly breeds. I was ready to sign the lease before I saw the pool and the clubhouse for tenants.