Rainy Day Fall Leads to Need for Personal Injury Lawyer

While many may think it never rains in California, I can attest that occasionally it does rain, and when it rains, it often rains very hard. It was on a rainy day that I ran into a bakery to get some cover from the storm and enjoy a donut and a cup of coffee. It was that same rainy day that had me in need of a Sacramento personal injury lawyer when I slipped in a puddle of water on a smooth tile floor, fell and broke my arm.

The bakery workers were very concerned, and did call an ambulance for me, but were hesitant to give me the contact information for the store owner. At the time I didn’t think to take any photos of the water on the floor or lack of any rugs or mats, I was simply in too much pain.

A few days after the accident, still in pain and trying to learn how to function with one arm, I called the bakery only to be told the owner was out-of-town and there was no way to contact him. I tried again a week later and was told yet another story. That was when I decided I needed to contact an attorney.

Not only did I have medical bills to contend with, I now needed to use a taxi service to get to and from work as I was unable to drive my manual transmission car with how my hand and arm had been set in cast.

My attorney visited the bakery herself and found rugs all over the place and the owner right behind the counter. When she provided me with a photo of the owner, I told her he had been there when the accident happened and had pretended to be a counter worker when I asked for the owner’s contact information.

My attorney was able to locate several customers who were in the bakery at the time of my accident who testified on my behalf that the floor was slippery and the rugs that were now present in the shop had not been there on the day of my fall. All had also reported they had found the floor slippery and witnessed others almost falling as well. What clinched it for me was the videotape my attorney had procured from the security company that monitored the store that showed despite his claims to have mopped and put down dry rugs that day, the bakery owner had not and was negligent.

I was reimbursed for my medical bills and the bakery owner agreed to further financial settlement to cover transportation while I was unable to drive. I never would have gotten anything had I tried to do everything myself and my lawyer was well worth it.