Quality Living and Superior Education

When I started looking for a new apartment last year, I had mainly one thing in mind. I wanted it to be in a great school district for my twin sons. They are both in high school, so it was important to me that it be a good one that would help them on their future endeavors. Because of that, I looked at school districts first, and then I focused on apartments. That is how I found Oaks of Vernon Hills. Even though a great school district was my main priority, my second one was a really nice place to live too.

I knew that an apartment would be best for us, because my job does tend to move me every few years. I did not want to get established in a house only to have to sell it when that happens. Instead, we just look at the best apartment complexes, and Oaks of Vernon Hills definitely fit the bill for that. What was really nice about this apartment complex is that it did not look like apartment living. They actually have rowhouses, or townhouses, that have three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and even a two car garage.

That is almost unheard of in apartment living, so I wanted to snag one of them up right away. Some of the other really nice things was laundry hookups, 9 foot ceilings, a dining room that was not part of the actual living room like all of our other apartments, and so much more. The grounds are great too. My boys can swim, ride their bikes, take long walks, work out at the fitness center, and so much more. It really is the best of both worlds for us. We get quality education with their schooling, and an exceptional living area with Oaks of Vernon Hills.