Keeping the Streets Clean of Crooks

While I was taking a relaxing vacation at a beach house, I got an alert on my phone from my ADT system. Someone tried to pry open one of the doors, but they were unsuccessful. I cut short my vacationm and rushed back home as fast as I could. When I got there, I noticed that the front door had been scratched, as if sonmeone had been using a crow bar on the door. If the criminal had been smart, they would have used a lock pick instead, although the alarm would have still gone off anyway.

Other people in my neighborhood had reported someone trying to pry their doors open as well. They had security systems installed, so when the criminal heard the alarm, he ran away. These coordinated attempted break ins caused the whole neighborhood to become scared. Some people were afraid to leave their homes, and others bought firearms for protection. I came up with the idea of having a neighborhood watch group. We discussed the idea at a town hall meeting and everyone unanimously agreed to it. People volunteered to take shifts watching for any suspicous acgtivity. Some people voluntered to patrol the streets in their vehicles.

A month passed since the creation of the neighborhood watch group, and I though tthat we wouldn’t find anything suspicious, but one night, a man was sneaking around one of the homes. He had a crow bar and was trying to get into the front door. Immedately, the members of the watch group called the police, and they came to arrest the man. It turns out that this man was the same man that had been trying to break into the other homes in the neighborhood. Now that he’s behind bars, the people of the neighborhood can sleep peacefully at night.