Keeping Muscle As You Work on Weight Loss

I wanted to lose weight and not lose muscle. I was actually hoping to gain muscle. I was looking into the Isagenix reviews to understand the fat burning program they offer and what type of protein was in their products. Not all protein products are the same. You want a high quality protein that your body can actually use. When you are losing weight, you want to limit your caloric intake with carbohydrates. Some people like to go on a ketogenic diet of eating mostly fat. Some people should not do this because of the risk of elevated ketones in the blood from burning fat for calories.

With all diets, I agree that one should consult their medical doctor. There are some diets that are not good for people with certain health conditions or even being at risk for them. Diets can be tough on your system, especially organs such as your liver and kidneys. You should have testing done to confirm your kidney function before you try any high protein diets as the extra protein is processed through your kidneys. People should also know that their bodies will burn muscle and keep the fat if they do not eat right and exercise right when losing weight.

A lot of people experiencing a rapid weight loss from a homemade diet may be losing muscle along with fat. You can actually lose a lot of muscle mass in a short period of time while the fat remains. Your body is designed to hold onto accumulated fat for survival times. Therefore, it will sacrifice muscle to be burned for energy first. When losing weight the right way, you will gain muscle and stay toned as you lose fat. It is harder this way, but you look a whole lot better. You do not get that gaunt look bariatric surgery patients end up with.