Location is Perfect for Our Son’s Schooling

The new launch collections offered us a number of housing options to choose from, an important factor in us choosing one of their units for us to move into. Singapore offers numerous high rise living options, but as with anything else they are not all created equal. Deciding where to live in this bustling city depends largely upon what you are currently focusing on in your life. Right now my wife and I are quite concerned about our son’s schooling and we are actively looking for a location that is very close to where he will be attending school.

Where we currently live won’t work as he’ll have to traverse the entire city just to get to class. As anyone who lives here knows, the congestion can be a nightmare and we don’t want our son’s safety to be in danger. That is why we looked around online for living options that are a hop, skip, and a jump away from his school. Fortunately we quickly found several options. Continue reading Location is Perfect for Our Son’s Schooling