An Reunion Between Old Friends

I love my friends. They have always been there for me throughout my life. Whenever I had good or bad tines, I always knew that I could count on them to lift my spirits. I had been a while since I had seen them. The last time that we were all together was at our party to celebrate our graduation from college. We partied hard that night. We had some good times together. I was reminiscing about our old adventures and became depressed. I decided to for a reunion. I wanted everyone to meet at my seaside residences in Hawaii.

Hani was the first female friend that I had. She was always so kind and gentle. I always had a crush on her. She was the first girl that I liked before I was into dating. I always fantasized about us getting married one day. I would love to have her as my wife. I could not wait to see her. I hope she was not married. I would ask her out on a date.

My second friend was Elly. She was a mutual friend of Hani and I during college. Elly was always considered to be a tomboy. She rarely did girl things. She was into sports and rap music. On rare occasions when she actually was feminine, she looked very beautiful. Elly helped me around campus in my freshman year. She was familiar with the campus because her father worked at the college. She knew the whole school like the back on her hard.

Last week, I was able to get in touch with Hani and Elly. They both were overjoyed to hear from me after all those years. We set up a date to get together. We met in Hawaii. We spent the whole weekend surfing and touring Hawaii. We had such fun. I missed my friends so much.