Keeping the Streets Clean of Crooks

While I was taking a relaxing vacation at a beach house, I got an alert on my phone from my ADT system. Someone tried to pry open one of the doors, but they were unsuccessful. I cut short my vacationm and rushed back home as fast as I could. When I got there, I noticed that the front door had been scratched, as if sonmeone had been using a crow bar on the door. If the criminal had been smart, they would have used a lock pick instead, although the alarm would have still gone off anyway.

Other people in my neighborhood had reported someone trying to pry their doors open as well. They had security systems installed, so when the criminal heard the alarm, he ran away. These coordinated attempted break ins caused the whole neighborhood to become scared. Continue reading Keeping the Streets Clean of Crooks

We’re Getting the Word out About Our Campaign

Politics has always been very important to me for as long as I can remember. Even as I child I was interested in learning about it thanks to listening to my parents discuss many different types of political things at the dinner table on many nights. So, I decided recently to volunteer for someone running for mayor in our own. I believe in everything she stands for and wanted to help out. The first take she gave me to do was to find stickers in Brisbane that could be used for campaigning.

We had a big meeting a few weeks ago to discuss some of the things we need to order right away. We want bumper stickers, stickers that we can hand out for people to wear on their shirts and vinyl car stickers. It was made very clear to me that I need to make sure that we get them on time because every minute counts with this campaign. Separately, I needed to make sure that I found the most inexpensive products I could find that are still fantastic quality. Everything we purchase comes thanks to campaign donations, which are both limited and also need to be respected because of the fact that they are donations. Continue reading We’re Getting the Word out About Our Campaign

I Will Never Forget the King Tut Exhibit

King Tut San FranciscoOne of the greatest pleasures of my life was visiting the King Tut exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. This exciting exhibit featured more than 50 objects from King Tut’s tomb.

I am a major ancient history buff, so I was naturally excited when the exhibit was announced. I knew that the Denver Art Museum was going to deliver a tasteful, interesting exhibit, but what they prepared exceeded my expectations. I am not one to provide spoilers, but I can say that this exhibit delivered a one-of-a-kind experience.

The most striking part of the exhibit was the recreation of King Tut’s tomb. You really felt like you were walking into history. The attention to detail was exquisite, as any museum visitor could easily understand the impact the Egyptian pharaohs had on history. Continue reading I Will Never Forget the King Tut Exhibit

Get a Small Taste of Egypt

Small Mask of King Tut | Zarifa's Touch of EgyptThere are many people that would love to travel to different places around the world, but because of circumstances in their life they are not able to do so. You may have family obligations, bad health or something else that does not allow you to travel to the places that you would like to go. Fortunately, there are many things within the United States that allow a person to experience what other countries are like in a small way. For example, there are so many museums around the United States that have exhibits featuring things having to do with other countries, like their history.

If you have ever wanted to go to Egypt to experience what life is like in this country and to explore its history, but have not been able to do so because of a limited circumstance you do not have to despair. You can surround yourself with information about this country and feel almost as if you have visited it yourself. You can go to museums that have special exhibits that feature Egyptian things. Continue reading Get a Small Taste of Egypt